Last updated: 12/12/2011

This is a total list of the new real-estate related laws digested by first tuesday for the 2011-2012 legislative session and applicable DRE Regulations, ordered by effective date. To go to the written digest, click on any of the blue links. Items in black are to be reported in the coming months.

Bolded laws have been digested in the most recent issue of the journal.

Other Legislative Sessions:  2007-2008 / 2009-2010


Bill Topic Effective Date
H.R. 4173 APR threshold raised for determining higher-priced jumbo loan impound requirement 04/01/2011
A.B. 15 Construction of active solar energy systems does not trigger reassessment
S.B. 458 Antideficiency protection extended to second trust deed discounts
A.B. 208 Approved tentative subdivision map expirations extended 24 months
S.B. 221 Small claims court ceiling on money claims increased to $10,000 01/01/2012
S.B. 284 Expiration of an option to purchase real estate clarified 01/01/2012
S.B. 837 TDS to disclose existence of water-conserving plumbing  01/01/2012
S.B. 150 How an owner in a residential CID rents or leases his unit to a tenant 01/01/2012
A.B. 588 Tenant subjected to domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking has 180 days to serve notice to vacate 01/01/2012
S.B. 332 Notice required to prohibit smoking in residential rentals 01/01/2012
A.B. 741 Public agency’s authority to finance and construct public sewer systems revised and defined 01/01/2012
S.B. 209 Electrical vehicle charging station installation and use in a CID defined 01/01/2012
A.B. 563 Electronic transmission regulations for the HOA meetings of a CID 01/01/2012
S.B. 426 A property on which dog- or cockfights take place is a nuisance 01/01/2012
A.B. 1305 Maximum gross value increased for transfers of real estate by affidavit or petition of succession 01/01/2012
S.B. 190 The enforcement of mechanic’s liens containing erroneous information 07/01/2012
S.B. 190 Foreclosed apartment conversions to meet low-income housing element 01/01/2015