This is a total list of the new real-estate related laws digested by first tuesday for the 2007-2008 legislative session, ordered by effective date. To go to the written digest, click on any of the blue links.

Italicized bills have been digested in the most recent issue of the journal.

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Bill Topic Effective Date
SB 1137 Residential mortgage foreclosure procedures
SB 1185 Approved map expiration dates 07/15/2008
SB 1055 California income tax exclusions for lender discount on short sale 09/25/2008
SB 111 Property tax exclusions for earthquake mitigation construction
SB 1511 HOA may request a copy of trustee’s deed on lender foreclosure of a unit 09/27/2008
SB 1396 Fee increase for recording real estate documents
SB 585 Changes to the allocation of low-income housing tax credits to partnerships 09/27/2008
AB 2052 Tenant may terminate a lease due to sexual assault, stalking, or domestic violence
AB 1451 Property tax exclusion for solar energy systems in new construction 09/28/2008
AB 2180 HOAs and solar energy systems 09/28/2008
SB 1234 Mobilehome park management is prohibited from entering accessory structures 01/01/2009
AB 2846 Small claims actions against an HOA 01/01/2009
AB 2454 DRE Recovery Fund limits raised for claims against real estate licensees 01/01/2009
SB 1595 Wildfire defensible space redefined 01/01/2009
SB 1448 Fines increased for unlicensed persons acting as agents or brokers 01/01/2009
AB 2411 Refunds for property assessment errors 01/01/2009
AB 2069 Limitations on lowering housing density 01/01/2009
AB 3078 Tax requirements on a sale of real estate by out-of-state entities
SB 1107 Accommodations for the disabled in mobilehomes 01/01/2009
SB 1399 The installation of solar collectors
SB 1737 Crimes, misrepresentations, and dual roles of licensees 01/01/2009
AB 69 Department of Corporations authorized to collect loan servicing information
AB 2881 Notice of proximity to farm land 01/01/2009
SB 1007 §1031 Intermediaries 01/01/2009
SB 133 Title insurance marketing 01/01/2009
AB 1510 Subdivision maps and solar/biogas easement exemptions 01/01/2009
AB 2025 Disposition of personal property left on non-residential rental property premises
AB 2020 Deposit refund on buyer’s breach on the purchase of new $1,000,000+ condos
AB 1452 LLC Taxation 01/01/2009
PROP 99 Homeowners and Private Property Protection Act 01/01/2009
SB 1461 Disclosure of Real Estate License identification number 07/01/2009
AB 180 Foreclosure consultant requirements 07/01/2009