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Avoiding Discrimination in Marketing Real Estate for Sale or Rent  (2:03)

Covers: Examples of language which indicates a wrongful discriminatory preference; prohibited prejudicial colloquialisms.

Published 01/15/18

DRE Regulation of Discrimination  (3:29)

Covers: CalBRE/DRE enforcement of regulations prohibiting discriminatory practices by real estate brokers and agents; Implicit discrimination; Broker duty of supervision


Discriminatory Practices in the Golden State (2:55)

Covers: Prohibited discriminatory activity in the sale or rental of housing accommodations in California; Examples of prohibited activities; the Department of Fair Employment and Housing; Handling a dispute with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing


Blockbusting for Exploitation (2:24)

Covers: Blockbusting and panic selling, examples; Blockbusting distinguished from steering; The Federal Fair Housing Act (FFHA)


The Federal Fair Housing Act (FFHA) and Leasing (3:59)

Covers: The Federal Fair Housing Act (FFHA); unlawful discrimination during the solicitation and negotiation of the rental of a dwelling; Examples of selective reduction; Steering; Senior citizen housing


Managing Trust Funds (3:28)

Covers: Items or evidence of value; Proper handling of trust funds; Agent’s acceptance of trust funds on behalf of their broker; Use of a subaccount ledger;  Commingling and conversion


Dual Agency and Diminished Benefits (2:02)

Covers: The inability of a dual agent to obtain the best business advantage legally and ethically obtainable for either client; Dual agent versus exclusive agent; Broker difficulty overseeing and supervising dual agency negotiations


Analyzing a Conflict of Interest (2:44)

Covers: Conflict of interest defined; Examples of pre-existing relationships which constitute a conflict of interest; Timely disclosing a conflict of interest;  Penalties for failing to disclose a conflict of interest


The Agency Law Disclosure Part III: Agency Rules for a Seller’s and Buyer’s Listing (3:17)

Covers: The preliminary and compulsory listing event; Failure to provide an Agency Law Disclosure on a targeted transaction; Documenting a refusal to sign


The Agency Law Disclosure Part II: Agencies Confirmed (4:07)

Covers: Use of the confirmation provision to make an agency relationship known;
Special fiduciary duties owed to a principal versus general duties owed to an opposing party; Common transaction documents an Agency Law Disclosure is attached to

The Agency Law Disclosure Part I: Legislated Order (4:07)

Covers: Two separate agency-related matters: the Agency Law Disclosure and the agency confirmation provision; Targeted transactions; Uniform jargon


Introduction to Agency (2:04)

Covers: Participants in an agency relationship; Scope of authority to conduct real estate-related activities; How authority to act can be granted

Understanding the CalBRE (0:56)

Covers: The role and function of the California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE); primary responsibilities of the Real Estate Commissioner


Getting Started in Real Estate (1:52)

Covers: Eligibility requirements for a real estate salesperson or broker license; Statutory pre-licensing education; Taking the State Exam