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Housing in California

Mean price trendline Update 08/08/16 MeanPriceTrendline
Annual construction starts Update 09/30/16
Homeownership rate Update 02/17/17
Rental vacancy rate Update 02/17/16
REO resales Update 08/15/14 REO-Resales
Vacancies and construction Update 03/05/16
Vacancies and NODs Update 02/11/15
Vacancies and employment Update 03/05/16
Homeownership: counties Update 03/07/16

The Real Estate Market

Employment Update 10/28/16
Personal savings nationwide Update 06/09/16 Personal savings nationwide
Homebuyer sentiment Update 01/04/17 Consumer sentiment
REIT values and returns Update 10/18/16 
Yield spread Update 11/14/16 Yield spread
Auto sales and home sales Update 01/13/17
Unemployment Update 09/21/16
How to time the market Update 10/02/16 
Personal bankruptcies Update 03/08/16
Jobs to recovery by county Update 07/27/2016 Jobs recovery by California county
GDP and employment Update 07/09/15 GDP and employment
Gold prices Update 09/21/16

California real income Update 04/07/16 Real income
Household formations Update 01/21/15

Mortgage Loans

NODs and trustees’ deeds Update 08/15/14 NODs-TDs4[1]
NODs going to foreclosure Updated 08/15/14 NODsToForeclosure
MIP vs. PMI Updated 10/12/16
Negative equity Update 09/20/16
ARM rate vs. ARM use Update 01/20/15
ARM rate since 2009 Update 07/08/16

Real Estate Brokers and Agents

RE agent population Update 02/14/17 BRE-Population-Chart
RE licensing Update 11/22/16

Interest Rates Affecting Real Estate Transactions

Average 15-year rate Update 02/10/17
10-Year Treasury note Update 02/10/17
91-Day Treasury bill Update 12/01/16
3-month Treasury bill Update 12/09/16
12-month Treasury average Update 12/09/16
6-month Treasury bill Update 12/09/16
Cost of funds Update 12/30/16
Applicable Federal rates Update 10/07/16
Combined average rates Update 02/03/17
Average ARM rate Update 02/03/17
Yield spread Update 11/14/16 
10-year T-Note since 1900 Update 01/06/15 ApplicableFedRates
CPI: Los Angeles Update 01/21/16 

Regional Charts

Los Angeles County Update 12/19/16
Orange County Update 12/19/16
Riverside County Update 12/19/16
San Diego County Update 12/19/16
San Francisco County Update 12/19/16
Santa Clara County Update 12/19/16 Santa Clara home sales
Sacramento County Update 12/19/16
San Francisco home sales