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The down and dirty on bed bugs

Form-of-the-Week: The down and dirty on bed bugs: Bed Bug Addendum and Statement of Pest Control Operator’s Findings — Form 563-2 and 563-3 Bed bugs: a new kind of controlled pest Bed bugs pose a particularly nefarious problem for California residential landlords. Bed bugs easily travel to neighboring units through articles of worn clothing, laundry, furniture or other forms of contact. In multi-family properties, infestations frequently affect areas beyond the control of an individual tenant. Thus, a bed bug infestation can be cataclysmic for a rental property — unless a properly coordinated and timely intervention prevents the contagion from...

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Do you think it is unethical or unlawful for one broker to knowingly recruit agents currently employed by another broker?

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Do you believe growth in infrastructure and military spending will create more jobs in California?

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[M]ost people join CAR in order to obtain the forms, not for the other services. And if there were any viable choices for agents, CAR would immediately suffer as much as a 40% to 50% loss in membership. […] CAR owns the “for profit” company that produces their software, with top officers in CAR sitting in top management spots in ZipLogix. This is the living, breathing definition of a conflict of interest. […] On their website they parade their forms software as “free” when cost of their forms software for non-members as a percentage of their actual membership cost speaks for itself.

- William Tormey, on CAR is "dangerously close" to having a monopoly on real estate forms, counters PDFfiller

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