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Do state housing affordability and density bonus laws supersede the California Coastal Act?

Kalnel Gardens, LLC v. City of Los Angeles Facts: A developer submits a project proposal to the city to demolish an existing single-story building and construct a new three-story, multi-unit residential complex near the coast. Though the project exceeds local density and height restrictions, the city approves it since the project designates units for very low income households — a density bonus permitted by the Housing Accountability Act (HAA), Density Bonus Act and Mello Act, which seek to increase affordable housing in the state. The city also grants the project a coastal development permit under the California Coastal Act,...

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[M]ost people join CAR in order to obtain the forms, not for the other services. And if there were any viable choices for agents, CAR would immediately suffer as much as a 40% to 50% loss in membership. […] CAR owns the “for profit” company that produces their software, with top officers in CAR sitting in top management spots in ZipLogix. This is the living, breathing definition of a conflict of interest. […] On their website they parade their forms software as “free” when cost of their forms software for non-members as a percentage of their actual membership cost speaks for itself.

- William Tormey, on CAR is "dangerously close" to having a monopoly on real estate forms, counters PDFfiller

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